Ford F-250 truck towing Antonov An-26


Miami’s Opa Loca airport (KOPF) is home to a small but interesting fleet of Antonov transport airplanes. I’ve had a chance to photograph an An-12 similar to size and purpose to a C-130:

I noticed an An-24 with a Russian registration UR46838:

An-26 registration UK26001 (Ukraine)

Sister airplane with registration UK26003:

Another An-26 with US registration N8038Y:

And last but not least. A Ford F-250 truck towing this AN-26!

Although there are a number of interesting airplanes there Opa Locka is not an easy airport for photographers. May be one day I will find a connection to let me photograph from the other side of the fence



The UR prefix inidicates Ukraine while UK is Uzbekistan. Russia’s prefix is RA.


It was cloudy the last time I was there, but I do have access to the other side of the fence. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Spirit airplane doesn’t look to bad in the last picture, but what you don’t see are the stacks of wooden pallets and crossties being used in place of the main landing gear!


When you see an F-250 towing an An-124, let me know… :smiley:


At first glance, I thought the Spirit plane was some sort of pixilated digital error in the photo.
After a good double-take, I realized it was the paint scheme. :laughing:


What about a Volkswagen towing a 747?


How 'bout 10 people pulling a 727? This is actually done as a charity event fundraiser for Special Olympics. I participated on a team back in 2004. I think we came in 2nd to last :blush:

Then again, our team consisted of a bunch of I.T. geeks competing against firefighters, police officers and other teams of professionals in jobs which demand physical fitness. That our team didn’t come in dead last is something we’re pretty darned proud of! :smiley:


Everyone is a winner!