Foo Fighters

Anyone have info on what the Foo Fighters are traveling on, or if they are traveling by bus? They are coming up to Canada this week.

Any help appreciated. :mrgreen:

They were seen in Europe flying on an Airbus A319 Registration G-NMAK back in July.

Did a little research and found the following:

It’s owned by Twinjet Aircraft Sales and operated for Mohammed Al Kharifi (hence the registration G-NMAK)

It’s a corporate version of the A319 and the callsign was “TWJ1” (Spoken as Twinjet1)

Seein’ how they spent a lot of money to paint the logo and all on the plane, it’s a pretty good bet they’re still using it today.

Then again, apparently they did a show in New Jersey on September 26th, and there’s nothing on the FlightAware log for TWJ1 that coincides with that show…