flying right seat

My son has his private pilots L. He would like to fly right seat for a private party. He is planning to get his multi-engine rating. He would also be required to get rated for this particular aircraft . Would he be able to fly right seat and build hrs. at this time ? The aircraft requires two pilots.

I had already chartered Navajos (For my own business) from the same company that I trained on 172’s. I had my PPL at the time. I was allowed to right-seat and rack up a few hours. But this was in Canada. I don’t know about US regulations.

Same but in Skymaster. Again, " Only in Canada you say!?!"

If the aircraft requires two rated pilots and he is not rated then the answer is no.

Get down with your bad self CA… 8)

To log time for part 91 he’d need a multi rating and a commercial ticket unless he’s paying.

What is the aircraft? How is it being used?