Flying in loops

I often see flights, such as this one, which are all different tail numbers, but are always an ATR-42, fly odd routes, such as this one out of and back into BWI. A check of the aircraft history shows that similar flights are always flown. Is this just a test flight? Any ideas?



These are flights operated by certain, uhmm…, government entities. Like the “Janet” flights, they they often depart IFR and then cancel or just disappear while en-route. This aircraft has been seen ALL over the world, but lately has been doing lots of electronics testing.

here’s a good pic of what it looked like in April:

No obvious electronics attached, although that spot under the right-side windscreen looks a bit unusual.

The Static ports?

Extra super secret static ports!

There are a couple of sensor arrays mounted on the belly of the aircraft, just forward of the landing gear pods. And a few other less obvious bits and pieces elsewhere.