Flying Car Goes To Market

A Boston-area company plans to begin flight tests this year of a two-seater airplane that moonlights as a car.


The vehicle carries a price tag of $194,000.

The story mentions that part of the reason for the company’s projected success is the new regulations regarding Light Sport Aircraft. This implies that the vehicle would fall under this category.

But the prop appears to be a variable-pitch propeller, and with the folding wings, wouldn’t that make it a Technically Advanced Aircraft? :confused:

Just put it in the experimental category, everything goes there.

Complex endorsement for LSA?

Three Things:

1). Where is the prop? I’m not seeing it here, has to be in the back. :unamused:

2). It’s kinda ugly, but to each his own :wink:

3). Would be cool if it worked like an Osprey. When you get stuck on the 405, just go vertical and fly over them! :smiley:

Yeah, it’s a pusher. Forgot to put in a link the company’s Web site… CLICK HERE

Looks like a Cirrus mated with a VW Bug

Oh Snap!

plus, that thing sure looks heavier than a 150 which teeters on the heavy side of the limits anyway.

Call me traditional, but I like to drive my car to the airport, and hop in to my airplane. I don’t like it!

I am so down with you on that! Here’s my idea of a pretty pusher, the Cessna Skymaster! Sure, it’s old school but it still looks hot, but this one needs a new paint job. I’m trying to think of the movie I first saw it in…

Ya think so? I guess I’ve seen so many in the Vietnam era USAF grey, that to me that is the Skymaster look. Maybe throw a shark mouth on the nose…it is a neat looking aircraft. Without pulling a photo up, I’m trying to think of a Skymaster that I’ve seen that wasn’t in this paint scheme. I know I’ve seen em, but I just can’t picture it. But I’m with you, give me the Skymaster over that carplane thing. Blah!


Vietnam era…that’s it! A war movie … dang, can’t think of the name of it!
…guys trapped on a hill…it’s buggin me!

Was it Bat 21? or some number like that. Had Gene Hackman and Danny glover was the pilot. I think he flew a skymaster.

That’s it! Thank you! :smiley:
Great Movie!

O-2 Skymaster

Flight of the Intruder. They took a good book and made a mediocre movie. Isn’t that usually the way?

Not Flight of the Intruder, Frogsfly nailed it with Bat-21, the story of one of the most protracted rescues ever undertaken during the Viet Nam war.

Lieutenant Colonel Iceal E. Hambleton (November 16, 1918 - September 19, 2004) was an officer of the United States Air Force, famous for being the subject of one of the longest one-man search and rescue missions in Air Force history, namely Bat-21.

Hambleton was finally rescued by American and South Vietnamese Navy SEALs Thomas R. Norris and Nguyen Van Kiet 11 and a half days after being shot down, but not before five aircraft and crews were shot down while attempting to rescue him, including a Bell UH-1H Huey (Blue Ghost 39) shot down on 2 April with the loss of three of five crewmen (and two POWs), an A-1 Skyraider shot down on 4 April with the loss of its crew, a Sikorsky HH-53 “Jolly Green Giant” (Jolly Green 67) that attempted to rescue Lt. Col. Hambleton and was shot down on 6 April, resulting in the loss of all six crewmen, an OV-10 Bronco (Nail 38 ) that was lost on 3 April with the pilot captured, and another OV-10 Bronco (Covey 282) shot down on 7 April, resulting in the weapons officer being captured and later executed. Nine additional aircraft and helicopters were badly damaged during the rescue attempts, most never to fly again.

Hambleton’s rescuer Morrison was later awarded the Congressional Medal of honor for his rescue of two of the pilots shot down during attempts to rescue Hambleton.

WOW, talk about survivors guilt. Bet he would have done the same for them. Never seen the movie, will try to catch it now. Thanks for the back story James.

Bat 21 is a good flick…but the actual event is an unimaginable example of suffering and loss.


Genl. Abrams pulled out all the stops to rescue Col. Hambleton, fearing that Hambleton knew too much about US electronic intel capabilities to be allowed to fall into enemy hands.

It’s been argued for years in the SpecOps community that it would have been far less costly to have put Hambleton down rather than continue to attempt risky recoveries.

Hambleton admitted suffering from survivor’s guilt for years afterward.

You are correct sir. I got my movies combined and scrambled.