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FlightXML2->FlightCancellationStatistics Method Not Found


I am trying to get flight cancellation statistics from a handful of airports and I am running into two issues. When calling FlightCancellationStatistics on FlightXML2 through python’s suds, I am getting a MethodNotFound error. When I switch the URL to use FlightXML3, I get a 401 unauthorized.

The FlightAware representative I spoke with informed me that 1) FlightCancellationStatistics is part of FlightXML2 and that 2) my account has access to both FlightXML2 and FlightXML3. However I am unable to access either endpoint.

Does anyone have success accessing cancellation statistics in FlightXML2? Is there something I need to do to provision FlightXML3 access?


For FlightXML2 the FlightCancellationStatistics method is part of the 2c extension. This means you will need to generate an additional client in Suds with the 2c WSDL. This is accessible with your current XML2 key.

To access FlightXML3 you’ll need to generate a new key. A XML2 key is not usable in XML3. Sign-up information can be found here. The initial starter tier is free and can be accessed by any registered FlightAware user.