FlightXML 2 - Count number of flights for period of time



I need for an application to count the number of flights between two airports for a period of time (ex: 2017/07/01 to 2017/08/01). I try to do it with RoutesBetweenAirportsEx, but I cannot specify a date with this function. Search functions are limited to 24 hours. Then, I think to use AirlineFlightSchedules and read length attribute of the data field to get the number of flights, but it gets a lot of information that I don’t need. Furthermore, this function seems to fail when having a wide range date like 2017/07/01 to 2017 07/30.

What would be the best way to get this information?


Yeah the RoutesBetweenAirportsEx isn’t intended to do what you’re wanting. I think your best bet is to use AirlineFlightSchedules to get all the flights that would operate between two airports and count up the results. You’d have to page through results though until you get to the end to make sure you have them all (ie keep increasing your offset to next_offset until the next_offset = -1). One caveat with that is that the max time range for AirlineFlightSchedules is 3 weeks.