Flights situation due to Ukraine crisis

A Russian flight was en route to Washington on Saturday to collect Russian diplomats who were expelled this week from their posts at the United Nations over US national security concerns, officials said.

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Airline stocks fall.


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IMO, the Flightradar24 maps look much cleaner, better visually.


I hope this war will end soon , war kills humanity.

We have serious chances to start the last war in the history of mankind.


Maybe it’s time for it…

The world will soon feel this conflict. High prices for grain, fuel, mineral fertilizers will cause famine in the poorest countries. In the event of a global war, more people will die of hunger than from nuclear weapons.

P.S. Asiana Airlines - low cost airlines in Asia

That will go into a political discussion where i do have my clear opinion, but nothing for that forum.

Regarding Asiana: All major Chinese airlines are using the russian airspace. Nothing surprising. Also Turkish Airlines is still going to Russia

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Asiana Airlines is a South Korean airline headquartered in Seoul

South Korea will support international efforts to restrain armed aggression and seek a peaceful resolution, including by joining in economic sanctions, Park quoted Moon as saying.

A foreign ministry official who later briefed reporters mentioned export controls as part of possible international sanctions.

"Of course some countries are considering unilateral sanctions including financial measures but we are not considering that.”

My reply was not related to china, but asian airlines in general. Chinese were the example.
The statement indicates why Asiana is still using russian airspace

“Why” is explained by the fact that there are few countries whose economy can subsidize unprofitable airlines. And in Asia, there is also strong competition from Chinese airlines. Airlines continue to be affected by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. And now they are forced to spend more fuel and time when their competitors continue to fly short routes. How long will this business avoid bankruptcy without government subsidies?

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Evacuation flight of Ukrainian refugees from Moldova to Germany.

In accordance with the decision of the authorities, the air space of the Republic of Moldova is completely closed until March, 04th, 2022.

In this regards, Air moldova is forced to suspend all flights to and from the Republic of Moldova. We encourage you to stay calm and to follow official news.

Air Moldova has been designated by the Civil Aviation Authority to operate irregular flights for the transportation of refugees.

Both flights will be operated on March 11, 2022:

Chisinau - Istanbul - departure 07:50 local time / arrival 10:20 local time
Chisinau - Frankfurt - departure 12:50 local time / arrival 14:20 local time
  • the price includes 1 piece of baggage 23kg / per passenger

As long as it helps stopping the war, it should be worth giving a try.

Another sightseeing trip of a B-52

Speaking of B-52. I see them all the time on adsbex. And it seems that they are equipped with outdated navigation equipment. They cannot fly on autopilot as more modern aircraft do -repeatedly “drawing” exact geometric shapes like this:

Maybe they simply do not want to?
I would expect that the US Air Force equipment is maintained properly. Just because it looks like it doesn’t mean it is :wink:

A B-52 certainly has a autopilot function.
Check this video for a tour of the guidance and control systems.

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Curious that FlightRadar24 reports GBA KEMBLE.
Surely it was RAF Fairford ( IATA : FFD, ICAO: EGVA) ?

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Moscow International Airport is closing Terminal D because of “Situation in aviation industry”

ALERT Moscow Sheremetyevo airport is closing its entire terminal D because of “the situation in the aviation industry” - AIRLIVE

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Someone might have hacked Flightradar

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