Flights situation due to Ukraine crisis

Russian aircraft entered the blocked EU airspace

I was thinking the same thing. And looking at my soggy window, I’m well aware of which way the jet stream is pointing right now. :rofl:

I’m right there with you - we’ve gotten over 2" of rain down here (~50mm for our European friends! :smiley: ) in the past 24 hours or so, with another 1.5" forecast for the next two days.

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Probably will be seeing this a lot more as time goes on.

Airspace in the US closed also for all russian aircraft starting tonight 0200CET
And the first US airlines avoid passing russian airspace.

Finally Boeing declared to stop technical support and spare parts for their aircraft operated by russian airlines and owners.

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This is pretty big.

Have Airbus done the same?

AerCap Holdings NV is most exposed to the crisis, with 152 aircraft across Russia and Ukraine that have a portfolio market value approaching $2.5 billion, according to IBA figures.

Russian Planes Face Grounding Risk as Leasing Firms Mull Default

The Russian plane market is dominated by lessors, together with Russian state-backed banks and international firms. Non-Russian lessors have 515 planes in Russia, with a mixed market worth of near $10bn, in line with information from Cirium, the aviation consultancy. One business govt estimated that European lessors account for as much as $5bn of this.
Among western lessors, these primarily based in Ireland are essentially the most uncovered. The Irish authorities on Sunday confirmed the March 28 deadline for terminating Russian plane leases as a part of EU sanctions. It additionally mentioned it will shut its airspace to Russian planes.

At least it’s not yet announced officially

Meanwhile Apple denied selling their products in Russia, all Apple stores are closed.

Here we go:

Airbus has joined rival planemaker Boeing and oil giant ExxonMobil on a growing list of corporate giants cutting ties with Russia.

The European manufacturer said it had stopped support and supply of spare parts for Russia’s aviation industry.

Earlier, Boeing suspended operations and ExxonMobil said it would end a multi-billion dollar joint venture with Russian state-owned company Rosneft.

Firms are exiting Russia after the West imposed sanctions over Ukraine.

Airbus said on Wednesday: "In line with international sanctions now in place, Airbus has suspended support services to Russian airlines, as well as the supply of spare part to the country.

“Services provided by the Airbus Engineering Centre in Russia (ECAR) have also been suspended pending further review.”

US aviation giant Boeing said it had suspended “major operations” in Moscow and temporarily closed its office in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv.

“We are also suspending parts, maintenance and technical support services for Russian airlines,” a Boeing spokesperson told the BBC.

Ukraine conflict: Airbus, ExxonMobil and Boeing take action over Russia ties - BBC News


before 1990

after 2000


Interesting article Thanks for sharing

In 1961:



An Aeroflot was going this morning from Moscow to Budapest, using the blocked airspace

Maybe a leased aircraft getting returned ?

Nope, the same aircraft returned to Moscow a few hours later

Some flights are being allowed for repatriation.

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Three LH Cargo on their recreated routes Seoul - Frankfurt

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Government Aircraft. Wonder what they do in IAD