Flights shown as Enroute after Arrival


I’ve been noticing that there are issues with the flight data. Certain flights will be shown as En route long after they have arrived. For example, look at the En route section of Newark ( The first 4 flights have already arrived, but are shown as still en route. [flight]DLH402[/flight] is shown as being en route on 2 flights at once. [flight]N78DG[/flight] has been shown as en route to BLM for the past 2 days. Is there something wrong with the data from the FAA?


Naah… 8DG is just practicing his aerial refueling…

ps I’m a bad, bad, bad boy… I just couldn’t resist…


I have noticed the same issue. For instance, at KORD GEC8222 has been under enroute flights for the past few days. Almost every airport has the same problem with flights posted under enroute flights when they have long since arrived.


There’s something really messed up with FlightAware’s data. Not only is it showing flights as en route for 3 days, it’s showing flights as landed 5 hours ahead of when they are actually supposed to land. Just look at [flight]EIN105[/flight], here: … /EIDW/KJFK. Either that plane is equipped with something that can make it go Ludicrous Speed, or FlightAware can see into the future. Is this something wrong at the FAA level, or the FlightAware level?


Looks like this is finally getting sorted out. 8DG is no longer under en route, and under EWR’s tracking, only flights that are actually en route are listed.


Wow… you must be so relieved…


It just would have been nice to know if this was a problem at the FAA level or FlightAware level. It’s nice to be able to tell what flights are actually en route by looking at the table, instead of having to look at the map. Since FA is free, I don’t expect it to be a perfect service.


And you said it… you get what you pay for…