Flights out of N. Korea

While I am certain the N. Korea is not going to give any info - is there a way to see flights from the opposite side? For instance - these consulate folks are flying out of N. Korea to Japan or where ever - would they show up on the destination point on the site?

We get flight status, but no positions, for the Air China flight ZKPY-ZBAA:

We don’t get anything about the Air Koryo flight on the same, or other, route.

I have to imagine that even the US Govt. would not want it to be public if there was a max exodus of ex-pats running out the the “war zone”…I was sort of shocked to hear on the news that any country had consulate officials there…but…as little as they know, we know just as little.


There aren’t that many foreign nationals living in N Korea - if one were to leave they would usually just fly the scheduled Air China flight to Beijing, or if they were tight with the N Koreans, contact someone there and get put in an Air Koryo flight to Beijing (which don’t really run on well-defined a schedule).