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Flights not being tracked

Hi,I have being tracking SEJ8768 and SEJ8769 in flightaware but they are not available in live flight tracking and even i am not receiving alerts.

they are available a very rare number of times and even got stucked in midway.

what is the reason ??

Flights such as SEJ8768 require technology called Multilateration (MLAT) to track. That flight is an area of the world where we do not have sufficient coverage from our terrestrial receiver network to track the flight. We need additional receiver ground stations in northwest India to enable tracking. Learn more about our tracking network and how you can participate at https://flightaware.com/adsb/

I have recently got my flight feeder from flightaware and successfully installed it at the following google map cordinates -

Nearest Airport: Kishangarh Airport
Location: (26.58556, 74.85294)
Location Set: 12 December 2018 16:04
Location Source: Receiver

Feeder Check-In: a few seconds ago
Feeder Type: FlightFeeder 7.9.2
Multilateration (MLAT): Supported / Enabled

still i am not available to track this specific flight SEJ8768. is there any specific reason ??

Multilateration tracking requires at least 4 sites receiving a signal from the aircraft at the same time. https://flightaware.com/adsb/mlat/ We do not have enough sites in that region for this to work yet. Once we do, multilateration will start working automatically.

Also keep in mind that aircraft flying at lower altitudes need sites closer together to receive a signal at the same time than aircraft flying at 30,000+ feet.

If you have friends in the region, you can encourage them to request a FlightFeeder or build a PiAware to help grow our network. https://flightaware.com/adsb/


This Spicejet aircraft type does not have a ADS-B transmitter onboard to allow “direct” tracking. What it sends is a different type of signal called mode-s which does not carry gps location. Therefore to be able to track these as @ericcarlson explained MLAT needs to be used. MLAT “calculates” the location from the mode-s signal as against it being directly available from the ads-b signal (which this turboprop does not transmit).
The MLAT calculation requires at least 4 receivers and your area does not have that many.