Flightplans with level changes



I noticed on the Australian flights in the route section you can see the level change/step climb the dispatcher has planned and filed in the flight plan (i.e. MEXEM/N0498F400).

Is it possible to get this for all the other places you have covered, or is it just the way the Australian data feed you are using works?

I enjoy having the real world flightplans with levels (and right now routes in America on FA seem to show their final planned level, aswell as ones going to Europe (JFK-LHR)).

Cheers Guys!


The level change is planned by a computer but not always executed exactly at that point. In the US pilots and dispatchers seldom include them since they know it probably won’t go exactly as planned anyway. That format was originally used as a planning aid for ATC in the days before all the fancy radar and computers in use these days. It gave ATC the chance to take a look at a flight as soon as a departure time was passed down the line and well before each point was crossed with the new altitude included in the planning.