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Flightpath of UAL328 DEN->HNL 2020-02-21

Here’s the flight path of UAL328 from Denver to Honolulu this afternoon. I’m a little over 20 miles from the airport with an indoor antenna so it didn’t catch the last bit of the flight after it lined up for landing.

Here’s the FA link for the flight: UA328 (UAL328) United Flight Tracking and History 20-Feb-2021 (KDEN-KDEN) - FlightAware

Edit: Link to local news station about the incident:Plane debris falls from sky on Broomfield neighborhoods | 9news.com

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Which antenna you are using indoors?
Using a better antenna, even from indoor, you may receive last bit of flight (provided there are no tall buildings obstructing signals in the direction of airport).

I live in an apartment which does not allow installation of antennas on roof or external wall. Therefore all my antennas are installed INDOORS: Flightaware Antenna on one Pi, and two DIY antenna two other Pi’s. I can see the last bit.

Plane landing at Toronto Airport CYYZ

I use the ADSBExchange dual band. I’m on the third floor in the middle of a condo complex there are definitely obstructions - trees, chimneys, buildings, etc between me and the airport. I don’t have any decent windows and, like you, I am not allowed to install anything outside.

When I lost tracking the plane was almost 40 miles away at an altitude of 8100ft. That puts it almost 2800ft above my antenna altitude. When the flight took off I caught it at 20.5 miles away @ 6725ft. This is a little over a mile from the end of the runway. That’s typical for my location.

I thought I am the only unlucky one who cannot install antenna on roof, outer wall or mast, but feel consolation now that I am not alone :wink:


… but your data are impeccable! Far better than mine. Here’s my antenna w/ trees lol.

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