FlightInfoStatus returns unpredictable number of results

When I look at the number of FlightInfoStatus results returned for a specific flight number, I see widely varying results:

Is there a specific business rule that you apply to limit the results?

Given the possibility to work with offsets, why don’t you let users go back as far as they want?


Are you asking about limiting the results to 15 responses per query? What are you referring to when you are asking, “… why don’t you let users go back as far as they want?”

Hi, take a look at this example of flight numbers where you only return 4 results although I asked for 150:

I picked “4” randomly, my first graph showed the distribution of responses.

You can find information in the FAQ. https://flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/v3/faq.rvt#history. I believe there are some performance issues with going back as far as a user wants.

Hm, if you only stored the latest available status for each flight, I don’t see how that would be a performance problem.