FlightInfoEx Todays Flight Only



How could I get the FlightInfoEx for todays flight only if I don’t have the the departure time? For instance I only had the idet (AAL1)?


You could iterate through each of the results returned by FlightInfoEx to see which one matches your definition of “today” (which becomes complicated with timezones).


Basically I am trying to get the most recent (either the most recent that is in flight or about to take off or just landed). The problem I hav is flight flights like AA104 it is two segments the DCA-JFK in a 738 and then JFK-LHR in a 772 I am trying to only get the JFK-LHR segment and also it keeps returning the one for 2 days ahead if I set “howmany” to 1


I’d recommend leaving howmany at the default 15 and picking the result you want from the set returned.


Yes you’ll have to request more than just 1 and look through for the first result with actualdeparturetime != 0


Not always, since he sometimes wants the flight “about to take off”.