flightInfo() method no longer returning what it used to



To determine a national carrier, I would hit the flightInfo method with the national carrier ICAO code, plus the flight number and see if I got a hit. This works on the web site… Hit the URL flightaware.com/live/flight/CJC4833. This is great cause now I know this CJC flight is for US Airways.

I have a unit test that now is failing:
it “should be able to figure out national carrier from ident” do
@flight.ident = “CJC4833”
@flight.national_airline.should_not be_nil
@flight.carrier.should == "US Airways"

The flightInfo method when I pass in USA4833 no longer returns results. Can someone look into why this changed on the API, but still works on the site? I don’t want to just screen scrape directly against the website…


Are you sure this worked via FlightXML in the past?
As far as I know the mainline->regional redirects are for the website only.


I am positive it worked, as my unit test has been checked in for at least two weeks, and I also posted another thread about my success doing this!


I’ve spoken with the developers who worked on FlightXML and they indicated FlightXML has never done the mainline->regional matching like the website interface does.

The best source for reverse codeshare information is to contact the regional operators.