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Flightfeeder skyview in km?

Why the map shows a radio of 200 NM(~375km), or 200ml(~322 km), but un km it just shows 200?

Do you mean the radial rings on the map?
If I switch mine to metric, it shows km (see below).
What version are you using, mine is 3.7.1

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Yes, it’s 200Nm, 200 statute miles or 200km.
Because there are approx 2km the the Nm, the range of the rings halve if you select km.

200Nm, 250 statute miles or 400km would give similar sized rings.

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The values are hard coded, if you like, you can change them editing one line in a file, layers.js I think it was. Just search the forum, you might find other useful modification ideas

Not on a FlightFeeder, please; they’re remotely managed and not designed to be customized.

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Yes, radial rings! Mine version is 7.9.2, I just see a 200km ring, but when I switch other units it shows bigger rings…

Yes it shows bigger rings.
For km it shows 200 km ring.
For nmi it shows 200 nmi ring.

Showing rings for “round numbers” no matter the unit.