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FlightFeeder reporting Offline when in actual fact just no traffic

So not really a bug, however my parents in South Africa host a flight feeder, since midnight, the country is in lockdown and there is pretty much zero flights. So now the feeder is reporting that it is Offline.

Is there a chance that the stats page, and/or the outage emails can specify that the feeder has either gone offline (no network activity at all) vs no positions/aircraft being reported?


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I am also in South Africa. Our airspace has been shut down, and there is no traffic at all.
I too received an email from FlightAware ADS-B Support “notifying me” of a Feeder Outage, and that my site “is not currently sending live flight data to FlightAware”. With no live flights, there is no data to send.

Will this impact on my “Longest Streak” Stats? (Currently 772 days since I started feeding, uninterrupted).


It looks as though the system assumes you’re offline if you don’t see any aircraft so I think this will affect peoples streaks, yes. Looking at yours, you’ve seen one aircraft on the 27th and one on the 28th but if you don’t see any on the 29th then I believe the streak will vanish.

That sucks. Well, let’s see what happens, maybe FA Staff will consider this.

Current Air Space in South Africa …

There are a couple of cargo planes still flying… ZA-TAG and ZS-TGN are two of them… Can only hope they fly tonight before midnight.

Historically, they do not fly into / out of FAPE on Sunday nights / Monday mornings …

Wahey!! Your site saw 1 plane between 5&7pm… Your streak survives the day!!