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FlightFeeder Questions

I’m investigating the use of FlightFeeder for our commercial environment but we operate in a very strict white-listed network so I had some questions.

  • Does it require internet at all times? If it loses internet access, we will still be able to access various raw data output (Eg: TCP Port 10001, 30002 and 30003) or the on-board web server? Or is there some sort of protection in place to shut down that functionality?

  • For the internet connectivity, is there a list of IP addresses, domains etc. that the unit must have access to? Seeing as we operate in a white-listed environment, this information would be helpful to configure the firewall policies.

  • Does FlightAware need some sort of direct access to the unit (Eg: firmware updates, admin etc?)

  • What maintenance on our part is required? What admin tools are available from a systems administration point of view? (Eg: SNMP, IP configuration etc.)

Must be located within 100m / 330ft from the Internet connection

How strict is this requirement? We have a sophisticated microwave tower setup to one of our sites which is 1.2km away from the gateway to the internet. Is this used for some sort of GeoIP? Is it possible to provide co-ordinates manually?

Really looking forward to getting my hands on one of these as we have got sites all over but our local FlightAware office still has no information about pricing or availability for these units after 2 months.

Any information you can give would be appreciated.

This might be a poorly worded requirement. The FlightFeeder just needs to plug into an Ethernet port within 100m and it also needs to be nearby the antenna. If your network is back-hauling it to an Internet connection far away, that’s fine.