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Flightfeeder over WDS LAN

Hi everybody

I have one problem and i need some help of you.

i use a Wireless Distribution System in my house with two floors to avoid utp cable between floors and it works fine. Before October 27, 2014 i had the following equipments:

a) TP-LINK TL-WR740N (root) connected at Webstar Cable Modem DPC2100 (not wifi)
b) TP-LINK TL-WR702N nano router working as **Bridge **with TL-WR740N router
c) Flightfeeder (set in the second floor) connected via UTP cable at TL-WR702N and gets IP address from root.

All working fine and the flightfeeder sends data to flightaware server, and appears in “last seen”

After this day, there was an update in my cable system and the technician changed cable modem model by an ARRIS TG862A (with wifi) and he removed TL-WR740N router and DPC2100 too.

I went to set everything up again, especially in TL-WR702N, now making the bridge with ARRIS router as before.

My system is working well again as before. The flightfeeder has IP address from ARRIS router, and i can see it by 8080 port BUT…now doesn’t appear in “last seen” .

I didn’t know until i got an email from flightaware announcing that my flightfeeder not sending data.

what’s up? why now server flghtaware can’t see my flightfeeder?

Only if it connects by utp cable directly it appears in “last seen”

anyone can help me?