FlightFeeder for Android Unable to login

Hi everyone, I have a note 3 and I have the software installed on my phone. I have been trying to login to feed flightaware and for some odd reason I can’t get passed the login. I have changed my password and have tried with my e-mail address and my user name and nothing.

The login screen takes the information and the login screen still hangs there. Has anyone else been having with problem.

the app version i am using is 1.0.19

I have same problem :wink:

Same Problem here.

The most recent version of the the app was released on Thursday. This fixes the login issue that was being experienced.

I’m having the same problem using the latest version 1.0.27. From the menu the map and the settings work but clicking on login does not do anything.

Could you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing?

I can this evening but it’s not showing anything that’s going to help. It’s the menu with “Login”, “Map”, and “Settings”. Map and Settings go to the map and the settings submenu, but the Login does not change the screen at all. It also says “Logged In”, but I’m not.

I have the same problem running flightfeeder 1.0.28 on an old android 4.0.4 kernel 3.0.8 device