Flightfeeder for Android not updating UAT statistics


I have the 1.0.13 version running and can connect to the web server and I am seeing UAT activity fine with 1090 disabled. But the stats for UAT do not appear to be going to Flightaware. My stats page shows statistics from the 1.0.10 version before I was able to disable 1090. Do the UAT stats not count or is there a bug preventing them from being uploaded?



Once the data is decoded from the radio band, the thread that sends data to FlightAware doesn’t care whether it was from the 1090 band or the 978 band. The only thing that it cares about is that certain fields are populated. The aircraft must have a position (visible on the map), an altitude, a heading, and a speed. From the linked image, all of those qualify. So, let us look into it.

Glad it’s working for you though.


Found it! There was one true/false flag, relating to the aircraft position, which was set improperly causing the UAT type aircraft to fail a validity check just before sending to FlightAware.

It’s been corrected and tested here at FA. I’m not sure if we’ll issue another beta for that small change though. We may just roll it into the public release if nothing else turns up.


When is the public release coming out? I really don’t mind testing if you want to send an APK. I am a professional Computer Geek. People get nasty when a public release doesn’t work, even when it is Free.



The updated Android app with UAT support has been released to the public today.

play.google.com/store/apps/deta … ightfeeder

This is the first public version that can send UAT data back to FlightAware.


Looks like the UAT statistics are not updating when the 1.0.15 uapp is running in the background. I am only collecting UAT and the only stats that post are when I am viewing the app in the foreground.