Flightfeeder Filter

I am just wondering if using the filter will increase the amount of planes that i am tracking? I don’t seem to be having trouble getting them now, i live in a rural area with lots of view of the sky and very little obstructions, but i am just curious if putting the filter on will increase my tracking capability or will it not make a difference?


It probably won’t be a benefit if you’re in a rural area. However you can test it by installing the filter and monitoring the message per second rate in Skyview (on an instantaneous basis; your message rate will vary over the day and week). If you leave it connected for a few days you can check your day-over-day stats on the My ADS-B page and see if there is a noticeable change in received message and aircraft.

In your case, you would need a filter only if a cell tower is near-by. Otherwise, if there is no interference, the filter reduces slightly the number of planes (range).

Also to be clear, I’m assuming you were provided the filter as part of a FlightFeeder Orange kit. If you have a G7 FlightFeeder, you should not install a filter as the equipment is not designed for it and it will prevent the FlightFeeder from working properly.

Okay! Thanks for the reply’s everyone!