FlightAware vs FlightRadar24 - Flight PS287



I have a flight booked and was investigating its punctuality. Consulted FlightAware and felt pretty confident that I’d make my connection.

Then, someone referred me to the flight’s data on FlightRadar24, which threw up conflicting times for Ukraine International Flight Number PS287, KBP to PEK.

Why the discrepancy?

Sample data from the last week;

The first landing time is the one quoted by FlightRadar24. The second is FlightAware.

3rd May 04:31 02:05
2nd May 04:49 02:22
1st May 03:40 01:44
30th April 04:02 01:13
29th April 03:49 04:22 (?) ? Denotes “Estimated Arrival” and/or "Result Unknown.


Take into consideration that times in the FR24 website are in UTC format, while times in the Flight Aware site are local times at departure and destination airports respectively.
Let me give you a hint:
Let’s take the flight on 1st of May.
FR24 says landing time 03:40 AM (which converted to Ukrainian local time is 01:40 AM), and Flight Aware says 01:44 (which is the actual Ukrainian local time), and there you go. There are no differences at all.


Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Have you seen FlightRadar24’s Flight times, though?

They haven’t been adjusted. On those 5 dates, they are showing flight times of nearly 12 hours for a 9 hour flight!


Thank you for taking the time to reply.

But that doesn’t explain why the flight times given for those 5 dates are nearer 12 hours on FlightRadar24, rather than the 9+ hours quoted on FlightAware and the airline!

03:40 is also not 01:40, it is 12:40 in Kiev.