FlightAware truncating historical flight tracks?


I was just looking at the track for UPS2954 into KSJC on 03/14.

flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS2 … /KDFW/KSJC

This flight came to my attention on the 14th when he accepted a
visual to KSJC while actually looking at KNUQ (I happened to see
him breaking off from Moffett when he realized his mistake, and
went and looked at the track, as well as checked the relevant
recording on LiveATC to confirm that I had correctly interpreted
what I saw). When I looked at the track here then next day, it
still showed the full approach, correction, climb-out, and second
try. When I look at the same track today, it is truncated when he
comes abeam the airport on the first approach.

Does FlightAware have some sort of automated process going
around to clean up what might be spurious data in the historical
flight tracks? If that is so, it might be a bit overly aggressive at
times like these.