Flightaware stick with 1090 Mhz mode-s Filter Problem


Hi i have a pi3 with raspbain jessi i feed with a other stick. Today i want feeding with this tools but my dump1090-mu. v1.15 stops few times. Have i the Stick from Flightaware on Windows Pc (RTL1090tool) work fine i need help. i change gain to max or agc or -10 nothings work fine.

old rtl2832u with r820t stick work fine with jessie pi3 with new
Fightaware Stick Orange
Flightaware Filter silver blue…
dump1090 stops…

I install dump1090-mu. v1.15 on my pi2 without any freeder work fine.
Fightaware Stick Orange
Flightaware Filter silver blue…

pi2 raspbian wheezy
pi3 raspbian jessy

:cry: :cry: :cry:

today i install jessie full version … dump1090 v1.15 with feeder fightaware and another feeder and mono virtualradar all work fine.

put i the microsd card from pi2 to pi3 … pi3 starts dump1090 work sometimes 3 mins. or 1mins … messages go down to zero and then pi3 stop dump1090…

have somewhere a answer for me pi3 is fast …

i ask a support member from Flightaware in the chat Coleen . He says me put piaware 2.1.5 image and then it work fine on pi3 .

But nothing work fine only i chance dump.sh script --interactiv or so to look whats is going on the pi3 … pi3 stop with piaware stick and filter