Flightaware mentioned on Cleveland Radio


FA got a free plug for about 5 minutes Thursday afternoon on WTAM 1100, an AM news station that has the #1 afternoon radio ratings in Cleveland. The website’s name was mentioned 4 or 5 times during the discussion.
The host, Mike Trivisonno, who’s commonly referred to as “Mr. Know-It-All,” was trying to stir up the pot by saying that something BIG must be going on in the skies that we don’t know about. It all centered around the enormous contrails that the atmosphere provided to us on a severe clear day here. Unfortunately, most of his callers (or at least the ones they put through to the airwaves) were idiots who swore up and down that they saw jets that they were SURE were military flying straight up in the air, and making shapes with their contrails. A few callers tried to explain the formation of contrails, but he wanted to keep the controversy going. I think he just wanted to hear all the googly-eyed conspiracy theorists call in, because his opininions are usually fairly level-headed. He’s not an Art Bell-type broadcaster at all.

Anyway, thought I’d mention the free plug for FA, since they were trying to look at the map to see how many commercial aircraft were aloft over NE Ohio. Guys and gals, you must be doing something right!

They had pictures on their website of contrails “proving” there was a pattern being formed in the sky…looked like regular contrails to me. Not sure if they’re still there, but just in case, here’s a linkie to WTAM.com.