FlightAware in the news

Just caught this on my local news: nice stuff!

nbcactionnews.com/dpp/news/l … may2011swp

A nice little earner for FA since NBC was apparently too lazy to do their own research. Predicated on the FAA register being 100% accurate, which as we all know it isn’t.

Not sure I’m in favor of this kind of ‘publicity’ though.

“Aircraft are assessed at 33.3 percent of their market value…”
That is just plain robbery! Just what the hell does the state do for aircraft owners that it can justify 1/3 of the value of the aircraft?

That means that the aircraft is taxed on 1/3 of its market value, i.e. you only pay taxes on 1/3 of the aircraft.

I KNOW that. I guess you think it’s okay for the state to charge you 1/3 of the aircraft’s value each and every year. It’s immoral. How would you like your house’s property taxes to be 33.3% of its market value. How about your car?

I don’t think you understand. Essentially, they are saying the aircraft is valued at 1/3rd the market value for tax assessment purposes. That is unrelated to the tax rate, which is a percentage of that number.

I would love it if I was only taxed on 1/3rd of my house’s market value.

Okay. I get it now.

It’s still obscene.

Do you?

I feel I’m going to be sorry for asking this but, why is it obscene?

Many states have personal property taxes, most are far more egregious than Missouri’s.

money.howstuffworks.com/personal … -taxes.htm

Media requests are pro bono (well, at least the reasonable ones). In this case, we just had to point them to the FAA’s own online N-number registry by county and we got the credit.

So does that make the taxes in Missouri any less obscene?

It’s obscene because I don’t think the government should be stealing money from citizens on something that they own, at least not at the rate they do it.

There is a need for taxes. The government - all levels of it - does not need to tax everything we have. They are always saying they have a revenue problem. They don’t! They have a spending problem. They need to provide to the citizens only the necessities. If they get a $1 in revenue, they shouldn’t spend more than $1. They can’t seem to grasp this very simple idea. Instead, they want to spend $2 and then increase taxes to cover the additional $1. When they get the additional $1 they spend it plus another dollar.

When I was growing up, I learned about the government being of, by, and for the people. Today, with their ability to steal money, it is not longer that. It is government of, by, and for the politicians.

Ahhhhhh. I missed dami.

I’m prescient.

I’m sorry.

LOL; still think you should send them a bill for all the time you spent on this request :wink: .