Flightaware in the Indian context.

Hi Flightaware Members & Team,

As a Flightaware user and an ADS-B feeder,I’m not satisfied with the way flightaware is managing things in the Indian subcontinent.I’m aware that India isn’t your primary market but still with so many FF’s shipped the results could have been better considering that the busiest airport in South Asia(VIDP/DEL) is offline from the Flightaware network for most part of the year.VIDP/DEL is the only major international gateway for the 350 million North Indians.

There is more emphasis given to shipping boxes to India than keeping them online.

Just a few recommendations:

Instead of shipping Nuand based Flightfeeder’s can you ship RasPi’s with RTL-SDR’s onboard as they are more efficient and cost effective.I have got a RDRBox24 Comm Station and it relies on RTL’s for the job.

As a lot of local traffic is still not ADS-B compliant and MLAT coverage is non-existent in India because majority of feeders use FF’s.How about enabling MLAT on FF’s.

Most of the FF’s disappear after a few days after being activated.Maybe it’s time to focus on the quality of data especially around the major airports in the Indian subcontinent.


India is a priority, which is why there are so many FFs being shipped there. At one point, we were only shipping Nuand FFs (which aren’t as good), which is why there are a bunch there. Now we don’t ship those, so all the receivers we’re shipping to India are better.

Until we have 3-4 receivers within 50-100mi of each other (and as you mentioned, that’s not the case yet), MLAT wouldn’t have any impact there.

Data quality and monitoring receivers and working with hosts is definitely something we’re working on improving.