FlightAware API not working on any browser other than Chrome!

Hi FlightAware,

I have 2 issues I’m hoping you can help me with:

  1. I’ve been using this API for months now and about 1.5 months ago it stopped displaying the correct flight times.

If you look at my site https://fasttrack.co.il you can see the form you can insert some test flights that depart or arrive to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport. Sometimes it returns the right time, but often times it does not. Originally I thought it was due to Daylight Savings Time but that change was made a while ago so I don’t know what’s going on.

  1. For some reason the API doesn’t respond on any browser other than Google Chrome.

If you could please help me figure out what’s causing these issues and how to fix them as soon as possible I would very greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!

I’m not on the FlightAware team, but, I’m a front-end web developer who works with the API quite a bit… for item #2, when I submit the form with FireFox or Safari - it’s sending an edate and sdate of Nan to your admin-ajax.php script… that’s almost certainly an issue for your web devs to figure out, and not a problem with the FlightAware API.