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Flightaware anywhere available - well done

Thanks, yes this is working now.

“Sites with no location set”?

Was it something my side? Thought I had location set for both?

You had an older unused site that I went ahead and removed so you could get up and running.

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I’m not seeing that.
Perhaps your browser is set to clear cookies after each session?

No, my browser gets a new public IP address each time I start it. Cookies are irrelevant.

Sorry, that was my only suggestion.
I take my laptop to different locations (and previously to different countries) and I’ve never seen it

Perhaps it is more than just the IP address that changes. The mac address may also get changed on my Windows notebook. My Android phone has a privacy setting to anonymize the mac address though I have not found it on Windows.

Nice feature! Is there any way (or anything on the roadmap) to access Skyaware Anywhere without needing to log in? Like, with a sharing key in the URL or something?

The use case that I’m thinking of is an unattended display - I’d rather not remain logged into the site on a browser just for the purpose of showing my collected ADS-B traffic.


I’ve just seen that Flightradar24 is offering such a feature as well.
You can add a filter now based on a receiver and login is obviously not required.


Without login, it is one-week trial.

Nope, that’s not 100% correct
Without login you are able to set one filter, but not multiple. That’s also stated above the yellow bar wit “0 remaining”

On login you can add more filters e.g. aircraft type etc.


You can start a 7-day trial for more features, but one filter is included in the basic account or no account

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Have you actually tried what you are proposing?

For each aircraft there is only one (apparently rather arbitrarily chosen) receiver displayed.

Did you read what i wrote?

I did not write anything about multiple receivers.
You can select one receiver and all aircraft are shown which are currently reported by that receiver.

Here’s my screen for my primary receiver, i am not logged in.
I can of course not add other filters (e.g. aircraft), because in the free account only one is selectable and that’s the receiver

The limitation is for sure to one receiver. But as no login is required that’s a solution for the public display without beeing logged in somewhere

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I did.

But i didn’t retry the feature … the filter worked differently a couple of months ago.
So when filtering by station you would only get those aircraft that had that station being displayed as the source. (because each aircraft only had the chosen / primary source associated with it)
… regardless.

Yes, I checked, you are right.

The filter is available on their site for many years. Untill recently all filter option such as Callsign, Registration etc worked, but “Radar” did not work.

In past, whenever I set “Radar” to any of my station number, all the aircraft disappeared from the map. Logging in did not make any difference. This was mentioned by many others also in FR24 forum.

It seems they have activated “Radar” recently (may be in competetion to “Flightaware everywhere” :wink: )

I think this was changed with their latest upgrade of the site some weeks ago. I’ve never seen the filter option per receiver so far.

For me i can confirm it’s working. The amount of ADS-B registered aircraft on my local view is the same (with difference of 2-5 aircraft) as on the FR24 page.
Additional aircraft shown locally as MLAT or FLARM/OGN are not visible there.

For sure, displaying two receivers at the same time will not work as long as you do not have a valid subscription

I know about it since approx 2 weeks. No idea by when it was activated initially. I did not mention it here so far as this is Flightaware and not FR24 :slight_smile:

The filter and “Radar” (receiver) option were there for many years. All other filter option worked, but “Radar” did not (I have tried it many times over a period of several years). It seems they have fixed it during recent upgrade of their site. I did not notice it as I did not use their filter recently.

Great addition to FlightAware. I have always wanted a way to easily view all my receivers on one screen.


Can a column be set to show which receiver is picking up which aircraft - say the last 2 or 3 characters of the unique ID?