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FlightAirMap - watching Your live Data next Level

I am interested to try this, looks cool!

There are a number of issues in the original code that are preventing it from working how I want it to and I need to fix them before I put up my modifications. Watch this space…

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PS: I have a personal Bing Map key, would be nice if you design a place to put that key in.

there is already a place to enter a bing maps key in settings.php

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I’ve made headway with this and it is behaving a lot better (from my perspective) so I’ve put a zip file containing the files I’ve modified and some information about the changes I’ve made on my website.

I’d be interested to know what you think but please remember that I’m not a programmer so don’t expect everything to be done the way a programmer would do it.

You can get it here: https://technodevotee.co.uk/downloads/radar_spotting/flightairmap/flightairmap_modifications.zip

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What is the URL of this particular thing?
I’ve tried to get it from the download link, but it’s not working

working fine here

Don’t understand that. It works for me too.

I was referring to that one:

I was expecting the change on the website, but now i understand that you’ve documented it in the zip file

I get what you are saying.

I’m still having issues with this software.

There are quite often 'planes on the map but details in the information pane are missing even though it is available in one or more other places.

For example: I had one this morning where it was showing the ident, height, altitude etc., but no photograph, registration or aircraft type. But when I clicked on the ident, it took me to the flight details information page, where the photograph and other missing information was clearly visible.

Not only is the information being missing frustrating, it also means that where the ident in the ACARS messages don’t match the ident in the ADS-B information (which happens quite a lot for some reason), the ACARS messages aren’t displayed either.

During my investigation of the problem I mentioned in my last post, I discovered typos in the files I shared in the zip https://technodevotee.co.uk/downloads/radar_spotting/flightairmap/flightairmap_modifications.zip

I have fixed the files and uploaded a new zip file. Sorry about that.

If I’m starting from scratch on a Pi4 that doesn’t have it’s own receiver, is there a full guide somewhere? I understand the first post is out of date now.

Not really a guide for that specific thing.
But i’ve tried to set it up the other day on my virtual server. during setup (and later via config) you are able to define a source from where the data is coming from.

Works a bit like the setup in VirtualRadarServer
It was working for me, but later i decided that i do not need it.

I’ll post or send you a cheat sheet.

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You might find it easier to run it in a docker container. I found it far simpler to set up that way, as someone else has done the fiddly bit of sorting out the web server/php etc. This container worked fine:


It also made it easier when I got fed up of it and decided to delete it.

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I’ve had that feeling several times. The only reason I’m persevering is because it integrates ACARS messages into the 'plane info panel.

But there are still quite a few issues that need addressing.

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With help from technodevotee I did actually get it working. Then I installed the fanshim software and it stopped working!

I’ve never used Docker, perhaps this will give me the incentive to look into it, assuming it’s available on macOS.


Meanwhile it’s also available for a windows device.
I am in the same situation like you. Read a lot, but never gave it a try so far.

So i am really interested about the results of your experience.

A little update on progress with the problems I’ve been having.

Seems that a lot of them are down to bad registration information in the FlightAirMap database so I’ve written a program to compare the records with the ones in my VRS database and create an update script.

The next job will to be getting it to do it automatically but for now, I will only know whether it has helped when I see the 'planes that had bad information back in ‘my airspace’.

update to this update:
FlightAirMap has been working much better since I updated the database. I still need to work on a way of getting missing or outdated information though.