Anyone know when I can get the tracker number for the Eagles and the MNF crew as they take off for New England? They would most likely leave on Sunday.

I think the MNF crew gets there a couple of days early.

How would I be able to get the tracker number for the MNF crew or the Eagles??

If you check the last post on this subject, Eagles used flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL8872 this has not confirmed for this year though, MNF guys probably fly commercial.

Thanks do you know where the mnf crew and the eagles might stay in NE

I can confirm that MNF (and pretty much all other sports commentators) fly first class commercial unless their schedule prevents them from doing so (ie have to cover two events in cities with no non-stop flights between them with a very short time window in between).

This is also because often times the commentators live in different cities. Having them fly a private jet together would only make sense if they all lived in the same place.