flight traking gone white

why can i no longer see live traking like earthview or anything new going on?

What browser are you using? Can you post a screenshot of what you see?

What browser do you use? Is it reporting any errors in the bottom left corner? Does Shift+Reload fix the problem? Does it happen for airport maps and flight maps?

internet explorer 7 is what im using but funny how i brought up google chrome and back to normal…

It should work just as well in IE7 as it does in Chrome. In IE, is there a yellow warning symbol at the bottom left of the page indicating an error? If so, double click that and post its contents. First, try holding down Shift and clicking Refresh.

For a moment I was afraid all flights had been blocked.

ok cant post pic of this white screen but thier is no problems with page and refresh is same thing…everything but an earth veiw of radar…thier for you cant judge where these planes are