Flight Tracking via Roku

Would love some feedback on this. Please let me know if there is anything we can add as well:


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Downloaded the app on my Roku 3. Really excited since have flights next week for kids to watch. Can’t seem to figure out how to get past selecting a flight though.

I did a test to check some flights that are enroute and came up with a list. Then I used the up and down to select one. Then no matter what button I push, nothing happens. Unable to get any more details on the flight including a map.

Version 1.1 Build 1

Be happy to help troubleshoot any further.

Hey, actually this feature isn’t built in yet. You can highlight flights, I guess its confusing… if you want to track the flight you would have to take the airline code and number and go back to the home screen to enter it and hit “track”… then you should see the details pop up along with a live map

Ok that works. I guess I missed that part. Be great if that was an option in the future. Perhaps add a bit of text stating that either on the home screen, in the channel detail, or be able to hit the * key on the remote to explain how it works.

Another feature that would be great is to be able to favorite or save fights so they can find it easier. Kids will really enjoy being able to track.

Thanks for making this Roku channel though, been looking for a way to do this for few years! If ever need any testing done feel free to let me know.

Where is this app? I can’t find it on my Roku.