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Flight Tracking on your piAware browser?

How can you live track on the same piAware system that you are running your tracking from?

Are you asking how to connect to the web browser that runs on PiAware?

URL: http://[your_local_Pi_IP_Address]:8080 should bring up a window that lists what your PiAware is seeing…

Click “My ADS-B” at the top of any FA page and there will be a link to your local PiAware URL on the stats page.

I want to be able to view it on the Raspberry Pi computer monitor.

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StartX then use a web browser under XWindows? I did run Xwindows for a little bit on the Pi… it worked, not sure how much CPU it took and if it will have enough to still process ADSB messages though.

My Pi is remote now so I can’t really test this, at least not today.

startx and the web browser from the Pi works great

Yup, just fired it up and it is working. Maxed out the Pi cpu, but seems to not be a big problem… Tried Dillon and much lower cup use but bad web page render. Tried netsurf, still bad page render. Epiphany is working fine though. Hmmm… Is there a Mozilla for Pi?