Flight tracking keeps disabling on Debian Laptop

Hi, I have an old Debian laptop which runs my pi-aware. My program stops working (sometimes it’s dump1090, other times it seems to be different aspects that stop working) every couple of days.

How do I look at what specific log files to try and find out what the issue is?

I realise that this is scant on details, but if I can get some pointers I will start fleshing this out and hopefully can have a fully functioning system.

Thanks, J

/var/log/piaware.log and/or /var/log/syslog are starting points

My suspicion is that you’re running out of memory.

I don’t have var/log/piaware.log and I will run Htop to see how my memory consumption is.
It’s a dual core laptop with 3GB RAM so it’ll be interesting to see if it’s a memory issue

what is the advantage to run this system instead of a 10$ raspberry zero that would work instantly out of the box while power-consumption were just a fraction?


the advantage is that my old laptop isn’t vapourware :slight_smile:
I’ve seen my old laptop in the wild, and the wifi works, compared with some of the wifi usb dongles that I’ve bought off of aliexpress

I also do what you are doing. Instead of scrapping my 9 years old Windows Laptop, I use it as “Portable Piaware” :slight_smile:

Dual boot via Windows Boot Loader

Dual boot via Ubuntu’s Grub2 boot loader

Ubuntu 16.04 on Laptop (on 32 Gb USB Flash pen drive)

Ubuntu 16.04 on Laptop’s Hard Drive as Dual-Boot

8 year old mac notebook - booted 3 oses simultaneously :thinking:

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Boot Camp?

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bootcamp is just a set of drivers to boot windows directly on mac hardware. with bootcamp it is the same as with your bootloaders you can boot both oses but only one at the same time.

so - no - this isn’t bootcamp - this is osx booted nativily on mac hardware and then ubuntu and win7 run in a virtual machine on osx in vmware https://www.vmware.com


What spec is your laptop, and does it crap out every couple of days?

No, it does not crap out. It runs perfectly well both on Ubuntu 16.04 and Win 7.



HP Pavillon dv6

System Specs:

As read by Ubuntu 16.04

As read by Windows 7

If your laptop has limited capacity, try this distro which is much lighter than regular Debian:

After download, you can burn the distro either on a DVD, or better on a USB Flash Memory Stick. The USB Memory Stick has advantage over DVD that you can choose option at boot to “run with persistence” and retain dump1090-fa and piaware even after reboot/shutdown. Boot from DVD or USB Flash Memory Stick, and try it as live cd, and if you like it, you can install it on your computer’s Hard Drive, replacing regular Debian

The Raspberry Pi Desktop OS for PC and Mac - based on Debian Jessie

Thanks, I’ll have a look at that but I don’t think it’s a laptop capability issue.

Since complaining about it on here, it of course has worked flawlessly for the past 5 days and during that time I’ve compiled a build of lakka or the laoptop while the ADSB has been running.

I’m going to see if I can get the time to work on my orange pi zero with a decent wifi adapter and get it working on that .