flight tracking in Europe


With the desire to expand the above in the European region (commendable) a couple of points noted re companies tracked:

BLF listed as Bulgarian Lucky Flight should be Blue1 of Finland (BLF/KF)

The old problem still exists whereby Canadian reg’d a/c being picked up as airlines: C-FNED showing as “Church Fenton/CFN” an old training ground up Rob K’s way!

Live flight tracking:
Surprised to see so many SAS/SK flights at any one time but a number seem to be domestic Norwegian flights - ok - but couldnt see any Ryanair (RYR) or Easyjet (EZY) on the **airborne a/c page **although they do show on individual view airport activity for main bases such as EGSS/EGGW.

I can see the expected Emirates (UAE) Etihad (ETD) and Qatar AW (QTR) flights to North America that cross the north Atlantic but few if any of their other flights this side of the pond - Emirates in particular has a large route structure.
IF i search on Singapore (SIA) I can see a number of routes ex Changi into Europe and inter Asia as well so can the coverage for the first three mentioned airlines be expanded to match this??

I feel this global coverage of airborne flights could become a bit of an unwieldy monster!!

Thx IN (UK)