Flight Tracker Map for KSWO does not work


When I click on the flight tracker map for KSWO, a new window opens, but all that is displayed is the advertisement. This is the only aiport that I have had this trouble with. Any suggestions?


It works for me. What browser are you using? Have you tried restarting it?


Thanks for the reply. I am using Internet Explorer 7.0. The page hasn’t worked for me since I started visiting the site. If I open the map for an individual aircraft in the KSWO area it works fine, but I cannot view the map that shows all of the inbound and outbound local traffic. Nearby airports such as F22 and KPNC work just fine. Any other ideas?


Are you using any sort of ad-blocking plugins? It could be something about the URL that’s getting caught.

I can’t think of any other differences between aircraft and airport maps. For what it’s worth both are working for me in IE7.