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flight time errors

When i go to my local airport and see there’s a few planes that i want to see and i go about 10 to 20 minutes before they land or take-off and the plane(s) already landed or took off. And times are way off. like a example a Gulfstream G450 is landing at 3:30 and i get there at 3:10 and it has already landed. Why are the times usually way off? I understand if it is around a few minutes delayed but 10, 20, 25, or even 30 minutes off its just ridiculous. :angry:

I’d demand a refund for this shoddy service…

Can you provide any details like service area, airport, flight identifier, and date?

If you don’t have any helpful suggestions, you don’t have to say anything, really. I’ve always thought that trying to find solutions to problems is part of the American mentality, not putting down those who point out the problems.

Also, people visit this website for various reasons and are interested in various things. Not everybody has to be interested in your business and that doesn’t mean they are worse than you.

I want a refund for having to read this whiny post.

Is it to an uncontrolled airfield? Chances are the flight departed early or took a better routing and the ETA is never updated since the last IFR controller (ARTCC or TRACON) will just cancel the IFR once the field is in sight if in VFR conditions.

I consider it a very helpful suggestion and you can try closing your eyes next time… :laughing:

it is a controlled tower airport. its also a reliever to the nearby international airport. an average of about 450 flights a day.

its just about anytime i go there. its usually the jets that the time are off on. but not sure about the GA planes.

the airport is KSMO.