Flight Status By Route


Is there anyway to find flight status or a flight number from a route. For example if I have the departure code (KEWR) and the arrival airport (EGLL), how would I get the flight status. Is this something that is currently available or will be available in a future release.


You can make a call to AirlineFlightSchedules passing in the destination and origin airports and the date range you are interested in. This will give you a list of flights for that route. Once you have the ident for the flights you want, then you can call FlightInfo to get the flight status. Something like this:

AirlineFlightSchedules Call for flights in the next 24 hours:
flightxml.flightaware.com/json/F … 1494947603

One of the upcoming flights is UAL29 so you can get flight status for that flight with FlightInfo or FlightInfoEx if you want to specify that exact flight:
flightxml.flightaware.com/json/F … dent=UAL29
flightxml.flightaware.com/json/ … 0&offset=0