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Flight shows cancelled but tracking life

Hello everyone, maybe someone can help me with this doubt i have.

I have an upcoming flight KL808 from Taipei to Amsterdam on July 24th, so recently i check everyday to see if this flight is already operating.

Taipei airport website shows this flight is cancelled everyday…but when i check in Flightaware i see it on route!

When i check Schiphol website for arrivals the information is also very contradicting. It usually says on time but when you check next day it says the previous day this flight did not arrive…very confusing.

Do you guys know what might be the reason?

Thanks in advance.

You need to check with KLM directly regarding your flight. However, KLM has been operating cargo-only flights and that might be what you are seeing.

Hello Eric, thanks a lot for your reply.
Actually i think that’s precisely whats happening…cargo only flight.

It is not foolproof but cargo only flights departing or arriving at YMML don’t appear on the flightboard provided by the airport.


KL808 is airborne now. KLM site shows no record on this flight number today, so Eric must be right.

Let’s hope they find time to put the seats back in before your flight!

Yeah my flight is on July 24th and they even sent me flight schedule confirmation already…so i assume ill be able to fly. Thanks!