Flight schools in US with Mooney's ?


Maybe a stupid question, but does anybody knows any flight schools in the USA that trains with Mooneys ?? I’m googling for days but it isn’t my friend on this one!

For doing my FAA-PPL and FAA-IR :slight_smile:



Try starting with RENTPLANES.com.


Seems Mooney or their owners group would know. Sounds kinda familiar.



Website sez recurrent training for those with experience but maybe contact with them will give you a lead for the IA training?

Hope this helps.



There are actually quite a few scattered around,just typed Flight School Training Mooney and pulled up 23,000 site links,Texas,California,Montana are just a few,depending on what Mooney you want to train in.


Daniel Webster College in Nashua, NH has 2 of 'em.


My flight school used to but they got rid of them for Piper Arrows before I got to fly one.


Thanks, using ‘Flight School Training Mooney’ fixes the deal for me, i think i need to go to bed earlier…