Flight Schools in the DFW area

Does any know of any good flight schools in the DFW area and costs typically associated?

I was trying to find a club or something like that at my school (UT Dallas) but they have nothing like that. I would love to learn to fly, just want to try to find an economical way.


CAE simuflite

Do they offer classes for private pilots who are just getting the license on their own?

Sorry- I was messing with you, that’s a school for Jet Jockys. I don’t know the DFW area that well. Sorry and welcome to the Flightaware’s forum.


I was wondering about that. I live down the street from that facility and didn’t think they just let anyone wander in. But it would be quite cool to get to use one of their simulators!

Go to:
aopa.org/letsgoflying/ready/ … search.cfm

Type in 75201 for the zip code and click “Search”

You’ll get about 20 results from the search to choose from

You can walk in. If they can find somebody with nothing to do you might even get a tour.

Interesting, I might have to check that out. I just know that when I was growing up they used to have contests where you could win some time in a simulator, but after 9-11 it sounded like they stopped that stuff for the public.

I don’t know if you would get any sim time but walk in and tell them you are a budding student pilot local to the area and see what happens.

Just don’t tell them that you don’t need to learn how to land… :wink: