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Flight replay speed is wrong by factor of 10

Take UA328 (UAL328) United Flight Tracking and History 20-Feb-2021 (KDEN-PHNL) - FlightAware as an example.

The default replay speed is 10x.

The flight has the duration of roughly 25 min according to the timeline below, from 01:04pm to 01:29pm.
10x would be 2.5min, or 150s.

Now, click “replay” button, and use a stopwatch to time it.

It only takes 15s, or 100x speed, to finish the animation.

The stock speed could already be 10x and the 10x button could then make it 100x?

Thanks for that link! Interesting flight for sure!

Nope, 100x is even faster (1000px playback speed).