Flight Planning requirements


I believe the requirement to enter the cost of FBO fuel to complete the long form flight planner is, I am sorry, idiotic. I think having the current cost information is priceless.

I would be interested in hearing from other users on this matter.



I’m not sure that I understand your criticism. When you say “priceless,” do you mean worthless?

If an operator wants to compare different altitudes/routes, the cost of fuel is a fundamental part of that calculation. If you’re burning 2200lbs/hr, a $0.60 fuel price difference means $220/hr in op cost, so we can’t assume an arbitrary amount if we want to help operators pick a cost effective option.


P.S. The fuel & cost thing was my idea.


Hi Daniel,

Sorry for the confusion. I like that the price of fuel is available. Good job!

Now perhaps I am doing something wrong, but unless I enter the fuel price, the program will not let the flight plan complete.



You can click on one of the fuel prices that pops up rather than entering it yourself.


I appreciate your input, but my point is that I do not think I should be required to select an FBO, or a fuel price to complete the flight plan.


I rent planes “wet”. If I have to buy fuel on a longer flight then I just save the receipt and deduct that amount from the total rental cost. So the price I pay the club is: (wet rate * hobbs hours flown) - fuel bought

This is kind of an odd situation because I have no incentive to buy cheap fuel (and no monetary incentive to lean accurately other than maximizing my range between fuel stops)

I entered the airplanes wet rate in the “dry rate” field and I just put “0” in the fuel price field. It is somewhat annoying to have to enter “0” each time in order to continue with the flight planning. Perhaps make this default to 0. If defaulting to 0, then you could put a warning on the next screen “No fuel price entered, etc…” if the user submitted the form without entering a price.

Anyway I’m not sure who the majority of users of the flight planning are. It could be that people renting planes wet are in the minority and we’ll just have to live with minor inconvenience :confused: