Flight Path SEA to ICN

Question regarding the flight path from the west coast to Korea.

In the 70’s the airtime for flights originating from Travis AFB in Oakland Ca. was app 9 hours. The airlines frequently used was Flying Tigers or NWA. The flight usually stopped in Seattle or Anchorage. As I recall this was a direct flight over the Pacific. Today these flights are usually 11 hours in duration. The flight path also appears to have changed hugging the coast line. The question is when did the flight path change and is this an FAA rule for to follow the coast line?

Thank you.

Travis is located in Fairfield, CA. This is about 50 miles from Oakland.

Fuel. It’s more expensive today then back in the 70’s. The airlines fly slower to conserve fuel.

As long as the aircraft is properly certified it can fly as far away from the coast as it wants to.

Thank you all. Appears I was given some incorrect information. Thank you for confirming.


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