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Never been a big fan of blogs or bloggers. This one, OTOH, is wonderful. Not related nor do I know him, but it is always such a wonderful read.



Nice writing style. aside from a mis-spent youth, there go I.


Captain Dave is missing today. Is it just an error message that we are getting saying the blog is gone?


Hugely disappointed to see this blog missing today. Captain Dave is a really great writer. I always hoped there’d be a book of his recollections someday. Perhaps we can still look forward to this, or the return of the blog.


This disappeared around the time frame mentioned, came back and is now gone again. Seriously. I could normally give a rats ass about this stuff this guy is a master of aviation prose. I’m never going to get to drive his iron but i could live vicariously through his stuff. I REALLY hope it wasn’t some PC crap that got him off line.


I’d been wondering the same thing and hoping not. His is me favourite blog to read. He’s never said anything untoward about his job or his airline, in fact it took me a number of years to even work out who he flew for!!



I, too, am really going to miss his articles. To the best of my knowledge he didn’t violate any PC stuff (okay, I cleaned that up a bit!). His subject matter and writing style were terrific: he could put you in the front end of Fi Fi with him and either his Argentine or young lady FO and practically hear the wind noise.

I certainly hope someone will be able to tell us what happened.


americandigest.org/mt-archives/s … d_capt.php

This is all I could find re: what happened to Capt. Dave. There is no way for me to verify it’s authenticity.


We can only hope!!!


Mr Cander, thank you for the researched update. A friend called me a couple days ago to ask about the MIA. I’d given her the blog/URL address as she is a frequent business flyer and has never been particularly comfortable with the process. She was enchanted. She had little to no idea about much of anything that was written, but had a great time researching what some of it meant. All of a sudden she felt a little connected rather than just “spam in a can” as they say. Twice, after a trip in one of the little Airbus’ she called to say what a great flight it was and to wonder if there was a chance it was Captain Dave. If i were an airline honcho i’d say you can’t buy that kind of PR.

Regards, Frank


I don’t suppose there’s any way to know when a new blog might appear, but I really miss the old one. I hope that Captain Dave is in good shape and building a store of recollections to share in the future. I still love the idea of a book of his experiences…


I’m counting on someone here remember to post the update if it happens!!


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