Flight info for a 2003 flight


For a court case I need info on what time a particular flight landed at ORD on sept 3 2003.

Is there anyway I can find this info and print it out.
Any help and ideas are very appreciated.
Thanks a lot

apps.bts.gov/xml/ontimesummaryst … /index.xml
Google “BTS airline on time performance” then click on first link

Click Arrivals
Check All Statistics
Destination airport ORD
Airline in question

and it should show all the domestic arrival times at ORD for that day.
If international, might have to try an ACARS database.


Thanks much for the reply.

It is an international flight so does not show on the bts app. Any links for the acars you mentioned? I did google and acarsd.org/acars_search.html came up. However I could not navigate the site.

any more ideas? Help is greatly appreciated.

I suggest you contact FlightAware commercial services.